Swimming Pools & Patios

IMAGINE YOUR IDEAL POOL: a highly decorative seamless surface, that is safe, easy to maintain and durable. They can be applied in private pools or in leisure facilities, providing a fast track, innovative solution for internal surfaces as well as pool floor surrounds, showers and changing areas, complying with all safety and hygiene standards.

PATIOS & GARDENS in resins or microcements result in extremely comfortable and stylish spaces. They are becoming increasingly popular due to their quick and hassle free installation, low maintenance and bespoke aesthetics.

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Microcement spa water cascade

Microcement seawater effect

Microcement sea water effect

Microcement sunbeds

Resin Patio

Resin Patio and pool

Public spaces

Seaside walk microcement stone carpet

Seaside walk microcement bench

Resin non slippery playground floor(1)

Resin non slippery playground floor